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A selection of fun apps I've made. Ask me about what I'm working on now!


Live Github

A Pinterest clone for visual artists, built with Ruby on Rails & Backbone.js

  • ▹ Simultaneously creates & updates User model and polymorphic Image model using nested attributes & wrapped parameters.
  • ▹ Enjoys snappy navigation on the index view, thanks to the relentless hunting down of n+1 queries
  • ▹ Consumes a RESTful Rails API which also includes custom routes.

ChApp Room

Live Github

A fun little chat app using Node.js.

  • ▹ Uses Socket.IO to add cross-browser support to websockets.
  • ▹ Uses node-static to serve static files.
  • ▹ Allows guests to change their names and switch rooms.

Do Tha Dang Thang

Live Github

A simple Trello clone, built with Ruby on Rails & Backbone.js

  • ▹ Uses jQueryUI’s sortable method to enable sorting of lists & cards, which persist to the DB.
  • ▹ Extends Backbone’s View to support efficient rendering of composite views, allowing cards to be rendered within lists.
  • ▹ Consumes a RESTful Rails API.

Hashtag Battleground

Live Github

A fun little Twitter Hashtag Battle app using Node.js.

  • ▹ Uses Socket.IO to maintain connection to Twitter API to access streaming tweets.
  • ▹ Instantly updates counters to reflect increasing number of times tweets with the specified hashtags are tweeted.
  • ▹ Restricts Users to one vote per contest. No cheating!


A selection of artifacts I've designed and built.

Chain Hanger
Wall-Mounted Planter
Major Arc
Minor Arc
Nook Case
Wooden Knives

About Anna


I’m a developer, a designer, and a maker. I build products and tools that solve real user problems, and I have fun doing it. I like diving into new technologies, flipping them upside-down and inside-out to figure out how and why they work. I’m a quick study and have an appetite for learning.

Located in San Francisco, I'm currently looking for rad engineering opportunities. I like companies that are funky and diverse, transparent and supportive, where people are proud of the work they do. If that sounds like someplace you know, get in touch!

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