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I’m a developer, a designer, and a maker. I build products and tools that solve real user problems, and I have fun doing it. I like diving into new technologies, flipping them upside-down and inside-out to figure out how and why they work. I’m a quick study and have an appetite for learning.

Located in Seattle, WA, I'm currently looking for rad engineering opportunities. I like companies that are funky and diverse, transparent and supportive, where people are proud of the work they do. If that sounds like someplace you know, get in touch!



Mango Health, San Francisco

Senior Software Engineer • October 2017 - Present

I began as backend engineer, working with Python and Django to create rich APIs for new features. I accessed CouchDB documents to integrate mobile client data with our backend data, stored in MySQL tables. 

Currently, I am working on the Android product, simultaneously maintaining a high quality standard on the current product while rewriting the code base with a new data model and current best practices.

Software Engineer • October 2015 - October 2017

Back end stuff - transition to Android

Neo Innovation, Inc, San Francisco • Software Engineer

November 2014 - October 2015

As part of a cross-functional team, I work closely with designers and product managers to craft and deliver features for data-driven products. My current project is a Rails app with an Ember front-end, and I pair program on features / bugs / chores that touch the full-stack. Currently, I'm pairing with a designer, focusing on redesigning and implementing a fresh UX, which has me deep in Ember land.

Arc & Ash, Portland • CoFounder, Designer, Fabricator

August 2012 - August 2014

- Designed and produced a line of housewares which sold in over 10 shops in the Portland, OR metro area.
- Created and optimized production processes for each piece in order to increase efficiency, resulting in the completion of 75-100 pieces every two days.
- Business sold over 500 pieces in the first five months, earning over $5,000 dollars in gross profit.





Pintrospective - A Simplified Pinterest clone built with Rails and Backbone.js



Hashtag battleground - A fun little Twitter Hashtag Contest app built with Node.js



ChApp Room - A chat app built with Node.js



Do tha Dang Thang - A simplified Trello clone built with Rails and Backbone.JS




App Academy, SAN Francisco

Accelerated web development program with a < 5% acceptance rate

Graduated October 2014


Portland State University, Portland


- Non-Major Curriculum Highlights: Programming and Problem Solving; Data Structures; Programming Systems

Graduated December 2012






Email: hello at annapetry dot com
Address: Seattle, Wa